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Open Access Publishing Options at KAUST: Royal Society (RS)

Transforming scholarly communication and research publishing landscape.

Royal Society Read and Publish Agreement

KAUST Library signed a Read&Publish agreement with the Royal Society in 2021 that enables authors to publish papers as open access without paying an Article Processing Charge (APC). The charges are covered by the Library.

Eligible Articles

All article types are included in this agreement. All articles submitted between January 1 and December 31 2021 are included.

Open Access Articles are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License CC-BY. 

Eligible Authors

Current members of the faculty, students, and other staff at KAUST and individuals employed by or otherwise accredited to KAUST.

Authors who intend to publish articles as open access must be accredited with KAUST. Eligible authors must be the primary corresponding author as confirmed at article submission, and KAUST must be given as their affiliation in the article submission process. If authors have not provided details to identify their eligibility at submission, they are not guaranteed to be identified as eligible to publish open access under this agreement. (Eligible authors can decide not to allow their article to be made open access and publish subscription-based instead).

Workflow for authors:

To submit your papers go to

At the portal with other details, you need to provide open access details too. Please select the Read&Publish model (other given options are: open access member institution, consortia rate, other).


Journals covered under the agreement:

Biology Letters offers Open Choice

Interface Focus offers Open Choice

Journal of the Royal Society Interface offers Open Choice

Notes and Records of the Royal Society offers Open Choice

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A  offers Open Choice

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B offers Open Choice

Proceedings of the Royal Society A offers Open Choice

Proceedings of the Royal Society B offers Open Choice

Open Biology a wholly Open Access Journal

Royal Society Open Science a wholly Open Access Journal


The whole open access submissions author journey you can see here: