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Open Access Publishing Options at KAUST: American Chemical Society (ACS)

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Offset agreement with ACS


KAUST signed the agreement with American Chemical Society Publishing to participate in Offset Benefit Program (OBP) from 2020 to 2022 to facilitate the immediate open availability of ACS copyrighted articles of KAUST corresponding authors on the Web at the time of online publication. Credits can be used for research and review articles.

Qualifying authors are corresponding authors whose articles are accepted by ACS, identified as the individual who is to communicate with ACS through the peer-review process. They must indicate affiliation to KAUST by identifying it in the drop-down menu during the online submission process. At the time of manuscript submission, the corresponding author must be utilizing the KAUST email address. 

The process flow is systematized through the CCC (Copyright Clearance Center).

1. The qualifying author will be offered the OBP option 

2. If the qualifying author choose to publish OA CCC shall notify him of the OBP publication status of the article

3. ACS will deposit the final version of the record under CC-BY license into the US PubMed Central Repository, which will be automatically reflected in the Europe PubMed Central Repository. A copy of the same final version will also be deposited to the KAUST Research Repository. 

NOTE: the number of OA articles that can be published per year under this agreement is limited.


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ACS Journals

All ACS journals except fully gold ACS Omega, ACS Central Science, ACS Au Journal and JACS Au are eligible.

The whole list of journals can see here: