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Open Access Publishing Options at KAUST: Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Transforming scholarly communication and research publishing landscape.

ACM OPEN program

KAUST joined the ACM OPEN program, by signing a 3-year deal (2020/22) with the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). This agreement allows KAUST authors to publish open access in ACM's journals, conference proceedings, and magazines. The agreement excludes ACM books. 

KAUST corresponding authors must use their KAUST emails ( domain) to be eligible to publish under the conditions of this agreement. 

Please follow these steps:

  1. A customized email is sent to the KAUST corresponding author of a manuscript in each of these instances:
  • Submission to an ACM journal
  • Acceptance to an ACM journal (not sent if the author completed the form at submission and was accepted)
  • Acceptance to an ACM conference

  1. Authors are informed via this email that KAUST has an agreement with ACM under which they can make their article available Open Access at no additional cost and links them to the rights offerings that ACM offers on the eRights form.
  2. On the eRights form the authors are asked to specify which rights they wish to grant to ACM. While the ACM Open option for OA and permission release is most prominent, authors are allowed to choose from the same rights transfers as all ACM authors.
  3. Upon selection of the ACM Open OA option, authors are asked to select their choice of Creative Commons (CC) license.
  4. After selecting their CC license the author will be taken to the second page of the eRights form asking them about permissions, third-party material, warranties on originality, and funding.
  5. Following form submission, the author’s choices are logged with ACM.


Please read ACM Press Release

Guide for the Authors