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ePoster Service from KAUST Library: Information for Organizers - FAQ

This guide is intended to assist conference organizers at KAUST who want to use ePoster service for their poster competition.

Switching to ePosters

Q. How much does it cost to use the ePoster service?

A. At this time, there is no charge to the conference organizers for using ePosters. The University Library funds this service from its budget. This may change at some future time but we are committed to keeping any charge below that of the printed equivalent.

Q. I'm involved with an event which has a poster competition. How do we switch to ePosters instead of print?

A. Please email with your contact details and those of your conference, so that the required number of touch-screens can be reserved. Depending upon the lead time, there are different options which the staff providing this service will explain. 

Q. We already have the posters for the competition, is it too late to use ePosters?

A. Whilst the system is optimized for participants to register directly with the system, from which they will receive instructions and a submission code via email, it is possible for us to bypass this process and upload the posters directly. Time permitting, the participants will be notified that the event will use ePosters and alert them to this providing opportunities to change/update their posters until a FINAL deadline (2-3 business days prior to the event).  Please contact to discuss options.

Q. Where is it available?

A.  This services is available for poster sessions held in the University Library (preferred location) and Buildings 19 & 20 only. This service cannot be made available to any other locations in the campus due to logistics difficulties.


Q. How many posters can be accommodated?

Twenty-four BenQ 65 inch 4K touch screen eposter displays are available. A customized configuration allows for the simultaneous display of two posters per touchscreen, therefore up to 48 posters can be viewed at a time. Larger numbers can be accommodated by applying a variety of session scheduling options.

Procedures are in place to address any concerns of authors/presenters about public viewing of posters either on the conference website or in the KAUST Research Repository (

ePoster screens are not available for other events than poster sessions.

Other items for consideration