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Materials Science and Engineering: Other Resources

Library resources organized at one place for students, academics, and researchers from "Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)"

Theses and Dissertations

UMI Proquest Dissertations (Subscribed)

    Several subscribed and free theses and dissertations resources are listed at KAUST Library ETD Libguide

    Latest Theses

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    Several subscribed and free standards resources are listed at KAUST Library Standards LibGuide

    Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering

    Elsevier's Reference module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering on ScienceDirect platform.

    Interdisciplinary and broad resource  that covers the fundamental scientific principles of materials and the technologies which are used to modify, adapt and improve the characteristics of materials from their primary state to the state suitable for practical application in terms of stock material and components in various shapes, sizes and compositions.   

    Subject Guide

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    Business Directories

    Business directories are websites that list businesses within niche based categories. You can usually search by niche, location, activity or size.