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Theses and Dissertations: Thesis Preparation


For questions about theses, please contact (as appropriate):

  • Your Thesis Advisor
  • Your Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Scott Bray, Registrar

Questions about archiving:

Questions about formatting:


Formatting Your Citations

Various citation styles are available. Your faculty thesis or dissertation advisor will determine the appropriate style for your work.

If you are using MS Word, one of citation managers  (Endnote, Mendeley, Zotero ) can simplify the task of gathering, organizing, and formatting your references in almost any popular style. The Library is providing training and help in using citation managers. KAUST has an account with Endnote, available to all Kaust students. 



Connect your ORCID ID to your Thesis or Dissertation


 Let us know your ORCID iD: (KAUST Intranet)

 For more details about ORCID check out:


The Doctoral and Masters with thesis degrees are conferred by KAUST in recognition of high scholarly achievement, including the completion of approved courses of study, examinations, and the submission of a dissertation or thesis. Moreover, candidates pursue original work in a dissertation or thesis, and for some programs, defend it in an oral examination by the faculty. 


The information provided on this Library guide should help candidates fulfill the requirements of the university, but if there are any questions, please contact your Thesis Advisor, your GPC, the Registrar, or the Library, as appropriate.

Preparing Your Thesis or Dissertation

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

Download the current edition of the KAUST Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines by clicking the link below.

This guide has been prepared by KAUST Graduate Affairs to assist students in the preparation of theses or dissertations. The requirements in this guide apply to all theses or dissertations to facilitate their preparation and distribution, and to assure preservation of the archival copy. Individual divisions may dictate more specific requirements.

The thesis or dissertation must be prepared in accordance with the instructions given here and must be complete. Rewriting and changes will be necessary if the specifications are not met. The degree will not be officially awarded until the dissertation or thesis is presented in satisfactory form, approved by Advisor and Dean, and your GPC deposits it in the Library’s Research Repository.

Templates (beta)

This Word and Latex  template is intended to assist students with their thesis or dissertation preparation; however, responsibility for conforming with the KAUST guidelines ultimately rests with the student.




Archiving Requirement

KAUST requires that your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation be deposited in the KAUST Research Repository. Your Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) will provide your thesis or dissertation to the University Library for this purpose after if has been approved by your committee.

As soon as your thesis or dissertation is approved, give the following documents to your GPC:

1. PDF of your final, approved thesis or dissertation.

  • The PDF must be created from your word processing file, not from a scan of the printed document.
  • Disable any security settings.
  • If possible, keep the size of the PDF under 5MB to facilitate crawling by Google and other search engines.

2. Completed Copyright and Availability Form (available below for download).

3. Completed Final Approval Form (available in the Graduation section of the Office of the Registrar forms website), containing all required signatures.

Your GPC will collect these items and deposit them in the KAUST Research Repository


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