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Chemical Science: Reaxys

Library resources organised at one place for students, academics and researchers from "Chemical Science (ChemS)"




Reaxys helps chemists and researchers to:

  • Discover chemical structures, properties and reactions

  • Find relevant chemistry literature and patents with ease

  • Assess compound synthesis and purchase options

  • See comparable bioactivity data for substances

  • Share research data with collaborators

  • Compare in-house and published experimental data


 Elsevier provides training and support on different topics about how to better use Reaxys, including webinars.  

For more help, you can also check the Reaxys FAQs.

Access to Reaxys

‚ÄčReaxys is a web-based tool for the retrieval of chemistry information and data from published literature including journals and patents. The information includes chemical compounds, chemical reactions, chemical properties, related bibliographic data, substance data with synthesis planning information, as well as experimental procedures from selected journals and patents. 

    Reaxys access is based upon a unique institutional IP address.

     Access it anytime, anywhere inside our campus



Reaxys searches 3 databases:

Beilstein - organic substances

Gmelin - inorganic substances

Patent Chemistry database