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Standards and Technical Reports: ASTM Standards



ASTM is a national organization, part of ISO.
It's a  scientific and technical organization formed for “the development of standards on characteristics and performance of materials, products, systems, and services; and the promotion of related knowledge”.
It's the world’s largest source of voluntary consensus standards.
It has  30,000 members that include product users, producers, consumers, academics, and consultants.
ASTM is headquartered in Pennsylvania, has offices throughout the world that are located in Belgium, Canada, China, and Mexico, Washington DC.

ASTM Digital Library

ASTM Digital Library 

The ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library is a vast collection of industry-leading standards and technical engineering information. The Library covers a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering.

ASTM Book of Standards

ASTM Book of Standards is published annually.

It covers many industries and it's divided n 15 sections: iron and steel products, nonferrous metal products, metal test methods and analytical procedures, construction etc. 

It's is developed by 143 technical writing committees, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Trade Organization.

ASTM VIdeo Tutorials

If you need assistance in using ASTM Digital Library watch video tutorials which will help you:

- to search the database efficiently

- to compare different versions of the standard

-to annotate and add attachments to the selected document

- to link a document

- to cite (using 5 available styles) and to email/export/ share your citation

- to create a group with other ASTM users

- to set alerts

- to use counter reports, MARC records, and other database tools

ASTM Standards vs. ASME Standards

 ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Standards give guidelines for manufacturing mechanical products.
 ASTM Standards establish quality for materials that are to be used in products described in ASME Standards.