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Citation Analysis: Other Evaluation Metrics/Tools

Explains how to use Web of Science and Scopus to conduct citation analysis.

Alternative Metrics for Journal evaluation

Besides Journal Impact factor and SCImargo Journal Rank, there are other metrics available to help users evaluate journals. Here is a list of some:

Alternative Metrics for measuring impact

Other than looking at the h-index to measure the research output and impact of a particular researcher, there are now new metrics that look at other areas to represent impact, such as number of downloads, social media engagement, etc. Here are of these new alternative metrics: 

About Predatory Publishers

What are predatory publishers? Why should you beware of them? This LibGuide by Carolyn Unck, Scientific Editor at KAUST provides background information and some tips on how to identify such publishers/journals.

How to ensure that the publisher which you have chosen to publish your research with is reliable? The video below by Think. Check. Submit. shows you the steps.

Besides predatory publishers, you should also be aware of fake impact factor. For details, view this list of Bogus Impact Factor Cites by University of Michigan Library.