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OA2015: Sharing and Preserving Research Output

KAUST Open Access week 2015

Discussion Panel

Sharing and Preserving Research Output

When: Monday 12 October 2015. From 11:00am -12:00 am.

Where: Between Bldg. 4 & 5 (Auditorium - 0215)



Join KAUST Researchers to discuss different practices of sharing research output, and the benefits of these practices not just for advancing scientific research, but also the long-term preservation of research output for new and unanticipated uses.



Michael Berumen, Associate Professor of Marine Science

David Ketcheson, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

Christian Voolstra, Associate Professor of Marine Science

Molly Tamarkin, Library Director [Moderator]





Michael Berumencid:CA3A2ACC-3A0F-4600-B80B-C489BC663225

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Mike received a Zoology degree from the University of Arkansas in 2001. He then attended James Cook University in Australia to pursue graduate studies in coral reef ecology, specializing in life history and ecology of butterflyfishes. He was awarded the PhD in 2007. Mike accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), where he focused on larval connectivity in coral reef fishes. During his time at WHOI, Mike began working in the Red Sea in 2008 in partnership with KAUST. When KAUST began hiring faculty, Mike was the first marine science faculty member appointed by the founding director of the Red Sea Research Center. He joined KAUST in July 2009. Mike has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and 3 book chapters, and he has co-edited one book, Biology of Butterflyfishes. His research focuses on advancing our understanding of Red Sea coral reefs and more broadly making contributions to movement ecology, which is a critical aspect of developing conservation plans in the marine environment. He is particularly interested in connectivity questions ranging from larval dispersal to large distance migrations of adult fishes.

David I. Ketcheson
Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

Professor Ketcheson is an associate professor of applied mathematics and computational science at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

He is an advocate for open access, reproducible research, and for returning the control of scholarly publishing to the academic community.

He has worked with KAUST librarians to ensure open access to all KAUST theses and dissertations and to adopt a comprehensive open access policy.

He blogs and speaks about open access and reproducible research, and is a signer of the Cost of Knowledge.

Christian Voolstra

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Dr. Voolstra's research area is coral reef genomics, an integrative discipline combining ecological, environmental, microbial, and molecular approaches to understand coral animal and reef ecosystem structure and function. Corals are metaorganisms composed of the coral host, intracellular photosynthetic dinoflagellate symbionts, and associated microbiota. Together these so-called coral holobionts form the keystone species of reef ecosystems. Dr. Voolstra's lab aims to develop an integrated understanding of the ecology and evolution of coral holobionts on a molecular and ecosystem level to predict adaptive capabilities and biotic response to environmental change. The ability to gain insight into coral resilience will provide critical guidance for improving strategies to support the sustainable use of coral reef resources and the conservation of ecosystem function. Dr. Voolstra holds a PhD from the University of Cologne, Germany, 2006, and an MSc from the University of Cologne, Germany, 2001.