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COVID-19: Coronavirus Research and Resources: KAUST Research on COVID-19

This guide is designed to help KAUST researchers and the community to access the latest scholarly and authoritative information on the COVID-19 outbreak.

KAUST Research on COVID-19

The KAUST Coronavirus Portal features the key efforts of the university to address the COVID-19 pandemic:

Rapid Research Response Team (R3T)

KAUST has assembled a team of faculty to research the COVID-19 pandemic.  The group, called the Rapid Research Response Team (R3T) has already produced several publications on COVID-19:

Rapid Research Response Team (R3T)


As the Rapid Research Response Team continues its research, more publications will be announced and shared with the global scientific community.  You can search the KAUST Repository for these papers as they are written and shared with the world.

COVID Compass

The COVID Compass is an international effort joined by KAUST scientists to publish a global data dashboard on the COVID-19 pandemic.


The main objective of the COVID Compass is to  "develop a real-time data dashboard that maps the most critical trends, events and impacts around the world in an easy-to-digest format with robust, timely data on a platform that is nimble and scalable and uses AI-drive sentiment analysis, trend modeling and real-time media monitoring."

KAUST COVID-19 Presentations and Media

25 April 2021:  KAUST Research: COVID-19 virus mutation tracker

30 July 2020:  Pioneers Lecture Series: the R3T talks.  Carlos Duarte.  "COVID-19 lessons on the environment"

23 July 2020:  Pioneers Lecture Series: the R3T talks.  Peiying Hong.  "Testing wastewater for SARS-CoV-2"

16 July 2020:  Pioneers Lecture Series: the R3T talks.  Xin Gao.  "How AI helps improve diagnostics"

24 June 2020:  Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part IV:  featuring panelists Charlotte Hauser, Stefan Arold and Magdy Mahfouz, with moderator Naadiya Carrim

20 May 2020:  Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part III, featuring panelists Peiying Hong, Thomas Anthopoulos and Xiangliang Zhang, with moderator Naadiya Carrim

29 April 2020:  Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part II,  featuring panelists Xin Gao, Samir Hamdan and Barry Hogan, with moderator Naadiya Carrim.


10 April 2020:  Sciencetown Podcast Episode 11:  "Racing to Understand"


8 April 2020: Sci-Café on COVID-19, featuring panelists Takashi Gojobori, David Ketcheson and Arnab Pain, with moderator Naadiya Carrim:


8 April 2020:  Asbar World Forum:  "The World After the Coronavirus"


1 April 2020:  Sciencetown Podcast Episode 10:  "Understanding the Pandemic"