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COVID-19: Coronavirus Research and Resources: Academic Articles and Papers

This guide is designed to help KAUST researchers and the community to access the latest scholarly and authoritative information on the COVID-19 outbreak.

KORAL Article Search

The KAUST University Library subscribes to thousands of scholarly scientific journals, and every day there are more articles and papers being published on this topic.  A general search strategy would be to search  KORAL: KAUST Online Resources Access Layer from the library's homepage.  Search for the terms:   (coronavirus OR covid19 OR "covid-19" OR "sars covid 2") 

Note that these resources are usually subscription-based resources that are accessible while on campus or by our Off-Campus access options.  

You can also search KORAL directly from this search box:

Library Research Databases

The following are specialized research databases that you can search to find scholarly scientific information on COVID-19.

Latest Articles and Papers from the LitCovid RSS Feed

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